Considerations in using the GoSun Fusion:

We used the Fusion 2-3 times a week for over 4 months to make:

-Steel Cut Oats







-Baked Apples


It works great, but we have one major concern. There is a high temperature enamel/glue that is used to adhere the electric resistor to the the bottom of the Fusion tray. This allows for the unique feature of being able to cook without the sun via a 12v dc input. The problem is that this material off-gasses both during normal solar cooking and especially when using the DC input. We used two fusions and found the problem on both, suggesting it was not just one defect unique to one oven, rather it is consistent with the design. We cannot recommend using this in good faith due to the possibility of carcinogenic off-gassing. It is likely fine for an emergency use, but as we were hoping to use it daily, we stopped using it completely. This was really frustrating for an oven that performs with excellence.

We reached out to GoSun, inquiring if we could purchase the cooking tray without the resister, but they said it was not possible to sell one without that feature.

Next, we looked online and found some stainless steel cooking trays for other solar-tube ovens, but with different dimensions. Currently it is not cost effective for us to make a custom tray. That said, someone with metal work experience may be able to construct a replacement tube quite easily. (If you do this, let us know, we would love to purchase them, and get back to using the Fusion.)

Build Quality:

Tube: We are surprised to find the glass tube stronger and resistant to cracking than expected

Legs/Pivot System: Between the two models we used there was variation and we think this could use improvement. One side is not stiff and the other has a nice resistance to maintain various angles.

Collapsible Form: This is a strong point, the ability to completely fold up the reflectors is highly functional and protective!

Ease of Use: Good, but the legs are fragile and it can be a delicate process to angle the reflectors.

In summation, the strange smell from the resistor was a deal-breaker, but if GoSun or a third party makes trays without the resistor, we would recommend substituting trays and getting back to solar cooking in the Fusion!

If you are interested in buying one, visit:www.gosun.co Here is a promotional code to get 15% off your purchase: AMBAJL