GoSun Sport Use and Considerations:

The GoSun Sport cooks super fast and we love using it! Our only complaint is that the leg system requires having an Allen wrench (Hex-Key) tool on hand to make sure it stays tight. A future design should be improved to not need a tool onsite.

One other consideration is that it is a small volume. We find that if we stuff it with potatoes it is a side dish for two people. This is not a design flaw, but if you want to use it for most of your meals, keep in mind you might need more than one to cook all your food.

Boiling water:

We use the GoSun kettle attachment and it works well. We like that it is a simple stainless steel/silicon design. Note: If you just want to quickly boil water for one cup of tea/coffee, we recommend the GoSun Go, as it is much easier, and quicker to use/set-up.

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